Where can I hold the gun in my hand and test-fire it?

The sales  of the RX.Helix will start in October 2010.  The German trade has already ordered and will be stocking from late autumn. Please contact your retailer. In addition Merkel will offer various events where the RX.Helix will be presented. Please write us an e-mail (marketing@merkel-die-jagd.de) if we may invite you. Dates are to be found on our homepage or in specialist journals.

What does the gun cost?

The RX.Helix is available in Germany with black system housing, wood class 4, driven hunt sight, removable sling rings and rubber buttpad for 2.795 Euro including VAT from October 2010. There will be a model in wood class 6 (equipment as above) for 3.489 Euro including VAT. The basic model will cost 2.450 Euro including VAT (black housing, wood class 2, with driven hunt sight and rubber buttpad). This model will be available from March 2011. Special designs are available on request. Prices are recommended retail prices.

Which variants are available?

Basic model with different wood classes, engravings and special models on request.
Further models will become available at the beginning of 2011.

Which trigger system does the gun have?

The RX.Helix has a direct trigger that can be finely adjusted and has crisp characteristics (approx. 800 g).

Which stock will the bolt action have?

The RX.Helix offers a finely polished oil-finished stock with straight comb, cheek piece, rubber buttpad and pistol grip with grip pad. Removable sling rings are provided as standard to enable a quick Take-Down.

Which calibers are available?

The following caliber groups are available from October:
Mini: .222 Rem.; .223 Rem.
Standard: .243 Win.; 6,5x55 SE; .270 Win.; 7x64;
.308 Win.; .30-06; 8x57IS; 9,3x62
Magnum: 7 mm Rem.; .300 Win. Mag.
Further calibers will follow next year.

Which barrel lengths are available?

The barrel lengths are 51, 56 and 61 cm. The standard barrel length for Mini and standard caliber is 56 cm. The  Magnum calibers have a barrel length of 61 cm. Barrel length 51 cm is available for .308 Win., .30-06,  8x57IS, 9,3x62.

Which barrel contours are available?

At first there will be a standard contour with 16mm exterior diameter. Semi-weight, fluted and other models will follow in 2011.

Which Magazine capacities are available?

At the moment the 3+1 version is available for all calibers. 5+1 will also be available in the future.

Which mounts are available?

An original Weaver-base is provided as standard. Therefore, all standard scopes can be fitted without any problem.

Which interchangeable barrels are available?

Interchangeable barrels are available for the respective current caliber programme.  One bolt head and another magazine are necessary per caliber group.

Is the gun available in left-handed version (left-handed stock/left-handed system)?

A left-handed version is not planned for the next two years.